Nerdapalooza Festival FloridaNerdapalooza Festival takes place at Orlando, Florida

Nerdapalooza Festival 2011 dates – 15th to 17th July

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Metroid Metal
The Protomen

Featured Performers
Armcannon, Brentalfloss, MegaRan, The OneUps, Schaffer The Darklord

8-bit Duance and Action Adventure World, Adama WarRock with Tribe One, The Amazing Brand0, Danimal Cannon, Devo Spice, DJ RoboRob, Dual Core, The Great Luke Ski, Illbotz, Insane Ian, Inverse Phase, Marc with a C, MC COOL WHIP, Random Encounter, Rappy McRapperson with MC Wreckshin, Sci-Fried, The Side Quest, Soup or Villainz

The History of Nerdapalooza Festival

Nerdapalooza is an annual music festival, the first of its kind to invite all genres of the nerd music movement under one roof, including nerd rock, nerdcore hip hop, chiptunes, and video game music. The idea for Nerdapalooza was conceived by John “hex” Carter, who hosted a nerdy music themed radio show through KRFH, the student-run radio station at Humboldt State University. The word is derived from nerd and palooza, slang word for all-out crazy party, and is a reference to Lollapalooz

Never before have all the multifaceted sides of the d20 of Nerd Music come together for one amazing evening of dorky decadence! Chiptunes, Nerdcore Hiphop, Video Game Metal, Sock Puppet Rock, Dementia Parody, and anything else you can imagine a nerd playing on a keytar will be there.



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