Roseberry Festival

Roseberry FestivalRoseberry Festival takes place at the Roseberry, Idaho

Roseberry Festival 2012 dates – 12th to 14th July

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Sierra Hull
Milk Drive


The History of Roseberry Festival

The Summer Music Festival began over 30 years ago as a result of the efforts of a unique band of self-named Raggle-Taggle Hippies who loved music and family-type gatherings. The free-form nature of this event lent it a special charm that persists to this day. While most present day festival venues are tightly controlled, the Summer Music Festival’s family-friendly atmosphere encourages personal freedom and responsibility. The festival is a gathering of returning old-timers, locals, and newcomers who harmonize with each other and the music coming from the stage.

The end result is always a transcendent good time. In the background is a mix of dozens of volunteers, the venue itself, the festival-goers, and readily accessible performers who produce a foreground event that bursts with energy, good vibes, and memorable moments. The energy that goes into the festival is magnified and returned in ways that are spontaneous and seemingly magical. The folks who gather there know it and love it. They point out that by replacing a single letter in the word energy, the essential key to what has made the festival so special these past 30 years is synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So it is that a relatively small event proudly reflects the combined efforts of a big-hearted community.

Roseberry Festival Line Up – 2011
Bonerama, Jeff Crosby, Keller Williams, Town Mountain

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