Cornerstone Festival

Cornerstone Festival, IllinoisCornerstone Festival takes place at Bushnell, Illinois

Cornerstone Festival 2011 dates – 30th June to 3rd July

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Wednesday 29th June
Ralph Lindstrom, Andy Hunter

40 Day Journey, EXEGESIS, Massive Scar Era, FBS, Listener, The Skies Revolt, Ilia, Venia, Beggars, Onward To Olympas, The Scurvies, Rise Into Ruin, Leper, Grave Robber

Thursday 30th June
Servant, Barry McGuire, Daniel Amos, Randy Stonehill, E Band, Resurrection Band, Phil Keaggy, Classic Petra

Sheep, Glen Clark & The Family, Michael Roe, Jeff Elbel + Ping, Ben + Vesper, Denison Witmer, The Wiitala Brothers, Paper Route, The Farewell Drifters

Friday 1st July
Undying Allegiance, Write This Down, The Letter Black, For Today, Brian “Head” Welch, P.O.D.

Eden Art, Nathan Stiteler, Michael Roe & Derri Daugherty, Bare Branches, The Crossing, The Choir Acoustic, Glenn Kaiser Band, The Lost Dogs, Deas Vail

Saturday 2nd July
Photoside Cafe, Manafest, Seabird, Blindside, Anberlin

Timbre, Lauren Mann, Gabriel Kelley, Psalters, Songs Of Water, The Wayside, Josh Garrels, Saviour Machine Unplugged

Sunday 3rd July
Alive Band, Luminate, Community Gathering, Robbie Seay Band, Gungor

Rachel McClusky, Daniele Clark, Jan Krist, Men As Trees Walking, The Unfortunate, Shel, Brooke Waggoner, Anchor & Braille

The History of
the Cornerstone Festival

This event called Cornerstone Festival is far more than a massive musical experience. It is more than a collection of hundreds of solo artists and bands representing every style and sub-genre on the current musical landscape. It is more than a gathering of expert thinkers and speakers offering over twenty separate seminar tracks on an amazingly diverse range of subjects. It is more than the sum of its parts, as is the body of Christ.

Cornerstone Festival is the annual gathering of a community of believers that is spread out all over the world. From young children to senior citizens, Christians of all ethnicities and backgrounds migrate to a patch of 500 acres in central Illinois for four days of fellowship, entertainment, education and edification. One way of looking at Cornerstone is to see it as a continuation of a Jesus movement that began in the first century and remains a beacon of joy and spirit as we move into the next millennium.

The festival brings many opportunities to those who attend. There are chances to hear new music, explore new ideas, and meet new people. There are opportunities to grow in faith, awareness, and action. Friends old and new can gather in corporate worship and prayer. Horizons are broadened, minds are stretched and spirits are rejuvenated. Sure, it may be the most diverse music festival in Christendom, but it is so much more.

We’ve seen kids who came to our original children’s program grow up, start their own families and bring their kids back to our Creation Station. We’ve seen artists who made their debut at the New Band Showcase sign record deals, take their music and ministry around the world, and come back to Cornerstone to play at the Main Stage. We’ve seen kids who came in youth groups–maybe even as the rebels of their particular group–come to Cornerstone and discover the breadth and depth of Christian life and mission, the breathtaking diversity of the Kingdom as a living picture of the infinite bounty of God’s love, and so later return to Cornerstone as the leaders of their own group of Christian young people.

Each year brings many new experiences to those who come. We are constantly improving both the physical conditions of the property, and the quantity and quality of the program. New bands, new stages, new seminars and new roads, gates and other facilities keep the experience fresh. There is more available than any individual could personally absorb, and that’s half the fun of it. This year, like each year since the fest’s debut in 1984, Cornerstone Festival will be consistent in its expected level of excellence, and will continue to break new ground.
Cornerstone is still the kind of event we would want to go to.

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