Portland Folk Festival

Portland Folk Festival, OregonPortland Folk Festival takes place at Portland, Oregon

Portland Folk Festival 2011 dates – CANCELLED FOR 2011

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Cancelled for 2011

The History of Portland Folk Festival

The Portland Folk Festival will offer a rich and diverse sampling of music, culture, art, craft, food and thought. The festival aims to connect artists and encourage exploration and collaboration by curating with a mind toward upholding as well as redefining our ideas of the nature of folk music. Each year the Portland Folk Festival will contribute to several local non-profit organizations dedicated to arts education, sustainability and food safety, and furthering Portland as an international hub of community-minded innovation.

The Portland Folk Festival is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the world’s folk and traditional music, and to the vibrant community, forward-thinking quality of life, and spectacular natural beauty of our treasured home of Portland. With one foot firmly rooted in preserving and celebrating the lessons of the past, and one in working toward a sustainable future, we are dedicated to the study, evolution, expression and celebration of the music of the people.

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