Liberate Music & Yoga Festival

Liberate Music and Yogo Festival, VermontLiberate Music & Yoga Festival takes place at Sheldon, Vermont

Liberate Music & Yoga Festival 2011 dates – 19th to 21st August

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The History of the Liberate Music & Yoga Festival

Eclectic Music Productions (EMP) founders Ben Lanza and Jane Jarecki Lanza possess a strong commitment to producing events that satisfy the demands of the music and yoga community.  EMP events are  eco-conscious and support local and global causes. EMP strives to bring a smile to the face of each guest.

Since forming EMP in 2006, Ben and Jane have created and produced Vermont’s largest yoga events to date: the 1st and 2nd Burlington Yoga Conference and EMP’s crown event, the Liberate Music & Yoga Festival.

Liberate enters its second year on the Lanza family land. Again with two nights of camping, Ben & Jane warmly welcome you to the 3rd annual Liberate. 

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