Rock USA Festival Oshkosh

Rock USA Festival, Oshkosh, WisconsinRock USA Festival Oshkosh takes place in Ford Festival Park, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Rock USA Festival Oshkosh 2012 dates – 12th to 14th July

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2012 – LINE UP

Skillet, Hinder, Skid Row, Hyde, TBA

Tesla, TBA, TBA, Boxkar, TBA

Seether, Hollywood Undead, TBA, Road Trip, TBA

Rock USA Oshkosh Festival line up – 2011
Boxkar, Cheap Trick, Puddle of Mudd, Buckcherry, DAUGHTRY, Hyde, Firehouse, Warrant, Candlebox, Lynyrd Skynyrd, JOURNEY, Kindred Soul, Road Trip, Dokken, Hollywood Undead, Korn, KISS

  1. I beg to differ…
    AWESOME festival. I had VIP and it was SOOO worth EVERY penny!!!
    VERY organized, GREAT food, drinks, staff and most of all AWESOME music!!! Had a little problem during Korn with the sound system, but you will have that and other problems once in a while at any festival/concert that you go to.
    They even had shuttle buses for those who were parked off grounds!
    Many people complained cuz of the wrist bands, but oh well.
    Got AWESOME pictures, meet and hung out with AWESOME band members and AWESOME people!!
    Can’t wait for next year!!

  2. Rhonda says:

    Horrible fest. You have to walk 3 miles to get in, then proceed to get 5 wrist bands attached that you ave to wear all weekend. The sound system sucked, hard to hear them…Then you have to walk another 3 miles to get back to where the cabs pick you up, only to wait 2 hours to get picked up. Then the cabs that do come get literally mobbed, people jumping on them swearing at cab drivers. Throwing stuff at them. Most of the cabs end up going to people who never even called for them. Totally unorganized. I for one will never be back.

    • Trisha says:

      I disagree! Yes, the walk sucked ass as did the wrist band crap; however, the bands were awesome! If you decide to go again, as we are, find someone you can ride with and share the parking fees that the walk is not quite as bad. Even if you have to get dropped off at the main entrance like we did the first day & find someone inside that you know to ride home with is better than that walk.

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